Private Cooking Classes 

Brennan’s Cookery Classes:

Tired of the same old sports and social events? Looking for something a bit different where you can learn to cook and team build at the same time? Then why not plan a fun cookery event for your friends, family or even colleagues in the only cookery school in Cork City Centre? Whether you’re planning a family night out or a team building evening with work, we have something to suit everyone.

Type of classes available

  • - Demonstration only Evening 
  • - Demo & Do Evening
  • - MasterChef Evening
  • - The Chefs Table Experience

Each of our classes can be themed to suit your group, some of our more popular themed evenings include:

  • - Italian cuisine (risotto, chicken saltimbocca, homemade pasta /lasagne /pasta)
  • - Indian cuisine (Chana masala, butter chicken, homemade naan bread, tandoori)
  • - Asian cuisine (Malaysian mango-slaw, beef & pineapple, sushi)
  • - Fish & Seafood (scallops, trout, mackerel, swordfish - various dishes)
  • - European Cuisine (tapas, paella, French chocolate gateaux)
  • - Baking Classes
  • - Cake Decorating Classes

For more information email or call 021 427 8283

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