It’s sometimes said that a chef is only as good as his or her tools, and nowhere is that demonstrated more clearly than with your knives. At Brennan's Cookshop we know too well the frustration of a blunt knife or a poor quality sharpener.

Comfortable in the hand and featuring a non-slip grip, Icel’s knives are well weighted to ensure they are suitable for both professional and home cooks. With a stamped 8 inch blade and quality stainless steel with a high carbon content Icel’s cook’s knife is ideal for most kitchen tasks. Microban technology offers built-in antibacterial protection. Proflex handles provide soft touch and high grip for maximum content. Good performance and less fatigue for professionals.

At Brennan’s we also have a wide range of Victorinox knives and kitchen utensils available for purchase. A customer favourite, their range offers everything from a vegetable peeler to fish, meat and bread knifes, with options to meet any cooking requirement. 

The Global Range of knives available from is the answer to any weary cook’s prayers. The range includes the GS-2 slicer, the GS-8 peeling knife, the GS-5 vegetable chopper, the GS-13 utility knife and the GS-38 paring knife – all of which are equally at home in the hand of an enthusiastic amateur chef as within a professional kitchen.

An investment in quality, the Global Range at Brennan’s also includes a 24cm Ceramic Sharpening Steel and Fishbone tweezers. Synonymous with resilience and high standards when you buy a Global knife you can trust that it will make light work of a variety of foods including meat, fish and vegetables.

  • The Chantry Classic features 2 small

    The Chantry Classic features 2 small butchers' steels - the same hardness, temper and cut as a professional steel. The steels are preset at the optimal edge angle and are spring loaded so as not to damage the knife. The Chantry will sharpen any reasonable quality knife including those with scalloped edges. Size:12.5cm x 11cm

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    Item Code: GS-2 Availability: In stock
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    Victorinox Veg Peeler

    Victorinox Veg Peeler

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    Victorinox Bread Knife 8"

    Victorinox Bread Knife 8"

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    Slicing Knife 12"(30 CM)round

    Slicing Knife 12"(30 CM)round tip with of blade: 30mm

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    Ask any chef and most will say the

    Ask any chef and most will say the most important tool in the kitchen is your cook’s knife. With Icel’s offering slicing, dicing, chopping and mincing will become more pleasurable, precise and efficient. 

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    Victorinox Cooks Knife 6"

    Victorinox Cooks Knife 6"

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    Victorinox Slicing Knife 10" Round

    Victorinox Slicing Knife 10" Round Tip With of blade : 30mm

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