Puddings and Pies 

Puddings and Pies

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    Traditional shaped plastic pudding

    Traditional shaped plastic pudding basin with secure lid. Ideal for boiling, steaming and use in a microwave and pressure cooker. Made from a non-toxic, non-stick plastic, the basin is easy to use and re-use time and again.  Available in various sizes. *Online Exclusive Price*

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    The traditional, tried and tested

    The traditional, tried and tested stoneware pudding basin with lipped rim for securing covers and muslins when boiling and steaming. Ideal to use for making any type of pudding, dough and batter and for weighing out ingredients.Available in various sizes.

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    9.5" x 1" Large Pie Plate (24cm x

    9.5" x 1" Large Pie Plate (24cm x 2cm) Wonderbake Non-stick tin *Online Exclusive Price*

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    10" Silverwood Pie Plate   Diameter:

    10" Silverwood Pie Plate   Diameter: 10" (25cm) *Online Exclusive Price*

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