Sieves & Sifters 

Lumpy or flat sponges are every baker’s nightmare. Avoid these disasters with a simple kitchen utensil we all take for granted. A sieve is an everyday essential for making most cakes and bakes in the kitchen. Make sure yours doesn’t let you down when you need it most by investing in a quality sieve, be it in plastic or stainless steel. For the finishing touch on a Victoria sponge or roulade use our sifters to dust with icing sugar. Why not dust a chocolate cake with cocoa powder for an extra special finishing touch? 

  • €4,45 €4,45

    Size: 20cm (8")  Lightweight round

    Size: 20cm (8")  Lightweight round sieve with heat resistant fine mesh centre and heat resistant plastic frame, handle and twin resting arms. Other sizes also available. *Online Exclusive Price*

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