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There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked goods filling your home. Make whipping up a fresh batch of cupcakes as easy as popping to the shop with these essential baking accessories. Make weighing and measuring ingredients a breeze with our broad range of weighing equipment. Baking with children will be easy with our huge choice of cookie cutters, icing bags and cutters. Make cakes extra special with baking cases for any occasion. Take the hassle out of greasing tins and make baking fresh bread easy with loaf and tin liners.  Don’t forget to check out our collection of tins and trays, necessities for all home bakers.

  • €10,95 €10,95

    Wilton Bake-Even Strips - 2pk 35inch

    Wilton Bake-Even Strips - 2pk 35inch long x 1.5inch wide  (88.9cm x 3.8cm) - Fits two pans up to 10inch Bake moist, level cakes every time with no crowns, cracked tops or crusty edges. *Online Exclusive Price*

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    - 60 standard size PME cupcake cases

    - 60 standard size PME cupcake cases  - Case sizes are 50mm Base, 70mm Spread, 25mm High-

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    Non-stick Natural White Muffin Cases

    Non-stick Natural White Muffin Cases (60 per pack) 50mm x 40mm *Online Exclusive Price*

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  • €2,60 €2,60

    White Mini Baking Cups Pack 100.

    White Mini Baking Cups Pack 100.  Ideal for mini cupcakes and treats for all celebrations. Perfect for creating homemade favours. 35mm dia base x 20mm (H)

    Item Code: BC713 Availability: In stock
  • €1,75 €1,75

    7" Cake Tin Liners (20 per pack)

    7" Cake Tin Liners (20 per pack) Wonderbake greaseproof circles perfect for icing runouts and lining cake tins.

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    Capacity : 4kg / 9 lb

    Capacity : 4kg / 9 lb

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  • €18,99 €18,99

    This versatile, dual-chamber

    This versatile, dual-chamber measuring jug can measure from as little as 5 ml (1/6 cup) right up to 1 litre (4 cups).

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  • €4,45 €4,45

    Size: 20cm (8")  Lightweight round

    Size: 20cm (8")  Lightweight round sieve with heat resistant fine mesh centre and heat resistant plastic frame, handle and twin resting arms. Other sizes also available. *Online Exclusive Price*

    Item Code: KCSTRPL200 Availability: In stock
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