All knives need to be sharpened in order to make your life easier and prepping time shorter, regardless of the brand or price tag.

How do you know it’s time to sharpen your knife? Easy! Try to cut a tomato and if the knife slides off  without even marking the tomato, then it’s high time to get it sharpened. Or otherwise, you know that your knife needs to be edged when it’s not cutting as good as it did before :)

There are so many ways of sharpening your knives :  sharpening steel ( domestic, ceramic, diamond ) or whetstones with different grits, all sorts of gadgets for sharpening but i think that the easiest way to revive your knives is to use a Chantry.


A chantry knife sharpener consists of two butcher steels that have the same hardness, temper and cut as a professional steel.

The steels are already angled at the optimum edge-sharpening angle so you don’t have to worry about finding the right angle to sharpen your knives as you would with regular steels. Also, the chantry’s steels are spring-loaded so that the pressure applied on the knife’s edge is just right and most certainly won’t damage your knives.

The chantry knife sharpener can be used for both plain edges and serrated edges. It also has little holes on the base so that if you want to, you can screw it onto the worktop. That way, you know for sure that you will be using it and your knives will be in tip-toe condition.

So how do you actually use it? Easy-Peasy! Just swipe the knife through the steels a couple of times, depending on how sharp / blunt your knife is and you’re done!

Basically the steels automatically ensure the correct edging angle is applies and they revolve under pressure, sharpening your knife without wearing away the blade.