Chicken Yakitori

- 4 Chicken thighs 
- 2 Medium scallions 
- 2 Tbsp Sugar 
- 4 Tbsp Sake 
- 6 Tbsp Mirin 
- 6 Tbsp Soy sauce 
- Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning) 

Chicken Yakitori

Yakitori is usually skewered like a kebab. Yakitori is a great appetizer which goes with beer and sake. A common vegetable to grill with chicken is scallion. Yakitori skewered with scallion is called negima and is a popular kind of yakitori in Japan. Also, there are mainly two kinds of flavours: tare and shio. Tare indicates basting sauce, such as teriyaki sauce. Shio means salt in Japanese. This is a recipe to make tare-flavoured yakitori. The Japanese use virtually every part of the chicken in yakitori. 

Cut chicken into bite-sized pieces. Cut scallion into 1 inch lengths. Skewer the chicken and scallion in alternating order. To make teriyaki sauce, mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a small bowl. 
Marinate chicken for 5 hours or over night. 
Char grill the skewered chicken or BBQ over hot coals, or under the salamander basting with any left over marinade or basting sauce if using until the chicken is cooked. 
Makes 2 servings.


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